Tersus Power Inc. was Founded in 2020 as a contract manufacturer who would build and deliver Modular Hydrogen Fueling stations across the U.S and Canada. Tersus Power is located in Nevada and is in the process of building an 81,000 square foot facility to support the manufacture of up to 10 modular fueling stations per month beginning in the first quarter of 2022.  The facility will be located in Chandler, Arizona off of interstate 10 and local highway 202 the loop.

Tersus Power is in an exclusive partnership with Hydrogen Fueling Corp. to build the third generation of PowerTap PT50, which was originally developed and manufactured by Nuvera in cooperation with the Department of Energy. PowerTap Gen3 will be at the heart of the Tersus Power modular fueling station, generating up to 1250 Kg of pure Hydrogen daily.  PowerTap Gen3 stations will utilize the patented solutions developed by Nuvera and Department of energy to build the next generation in Hydrogen refueling stations.