Forget Batteries, This New Lightweight Hypercar Will Be Powered Entirely by Hydrogen

A hydrogen-powered hypercar is on the horizon for 2023—if Viritech has anything to say about it, that is. The budding British startup has just announced plans to roll out a sleek, sustainable and speedy four-wheeler in just two years’ time.

The luxe two-door has been christened Apricale. That moniker comes from the Latin word “apricus,” which means to be “touched by the sun.” Fittingly, it’s one blistering hot ride that, like the center of our solar system, runs on hydrogen.

Considered a hydrogen fuel cell alternative to the all-electric Lotus Evija and Tesla Roadster, Viritech claims the Apricale will be “half the weight of its battery competitors.” It’ll likely be more exclusive, too, with production limited to just 25 models.

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