Tersus Power Announces Development of a First-of-its-Kind Proactive Hydrogen Production Software Solution


Tersus Power and BB2 Labs (a BB2 Technology Group Company) are developing a first-of-its-kind proactive hydrogen production management software solution that provides the industry’s first “zero-touch” operational model. The foundation of our unique approach is our solution’s advanced analytics engine which continuously learns each production unit’s unique demand/storage/production behavioral profile and leverages this predictive understanding to allow for the following:

  • Reduce operational staffing overhead by auto-adjusting production levels to best match overall distribution demands.
  • Significantly extend operational lifetime of production units by minimizing high impact on/off cycles.
  • Reduce operational expenses and improve financial insight thru predictive planning and what-if modeling based on real-world data analysis.
  • Gain these efficiencies with a solution that benefits organizations running 1 production unit or 1000s of units at scale.

Sam Balooch, Chief Information Officer of Tersus Power, stated, “The Tersus Power hydrogen generation station is ground-breaking technology. BB2 Labs, partnering with Tersus Power, is poised to turn the completed design of the analytics package into reality.”

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